Наши учителя

Количество учителей, при неизменном высочайшем качестве, меняется в зависимости от сезона и загруженности.
Кроме того, мы можем подобрать учителя исходя из Ваших потребностей индивидуально. Скажем, Вы планируете переехать в Австралию и Вам нужен учитель с австралийским акцентом? Без проблем, мы подберем для Вас именно такого учителя.

    Сегодня мы рады вам представить следующих учителей:

Английский язык


Hey there, I’m Donie. I have been teaching English for 5 years. I have taught 1 to 1 and group classes in some well-known English Academy, as well as online home based job.
My real strength about my job is I have the patience with students in all walks of life. I also believe that I have a solid background and experience as an ESL tutor.
Well, I’m here for 2 reasons:
First is to teach you General English that scopes Reading, Listening and Speaking. Second is to not let a little fear stop you from learning English. Be confident. I’ll see you soon. Cheers!

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I’m Reanne and I have been an ESL teacher for more than a year. I had an experience in teaching IELTS, Basic Grammar, Business English and sometimes, just Free talking. My past job was a Customer Service Representative in AIG Shared Services which is an Insurance company and I have also worked for Microsoft as a Transaction Specialist.
Online teachings made me realize that I do have a passion in imparting my knowledge in learning how to speak and write English. This job also benefits my hunger in seeking self-improvement and learning from another culture is such an interesting process. Aside from learning, I get to be productive and interact with my students.
I’m excited and looking forward in teaching all of you and let’s make fun learning together.

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Learning English? Yes, it’s really hard yet putting much effort from you and from your teacher, learning English could possibly be as easy as pie. If you are looking for an interesting class especially teacher, you are in the right place. Good day! My name is Martha.
Aside from ESL junior and adult students, I also got a chance to manage IELTS speaking lessons. I believe that learning is a lifetime process so, I am fond of giving common and useful English expressions for everyday life as my ice breaker.
Students find me as an energetic and amicable tutor. As their educator, I always have to make sure that they aren’t only pleased with my lessons but also they enjoyed it! So what are you waiting for? Hope to see you in my class!

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My name is Teacher Jess. Teaching is my profession. I have been teaching English to foreign students for 10 years.
I love teaching and it has been my passion. I can teach students of different ages and levels. I teach regular courses such as speaking, listening, vocabulary and grammar.
If you want to speak english comfortably . Join me in my class. I’ll help you improve your English skill. Allow me to give you a hand entering the world’s globalization. Let’s compete! Let’s study English.

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